Chapter 7 Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Many people reach their financial limit by no fault of their own. Even if they did live beyond their means, a Chapter 7 attorney can help them with their filing to dissolve their debts. Consumer credit is often issued without regard to an individual’s financial stability. Consequently, many find themselves with mounting bills that they cannot pay. Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers protection under the law from creditors to those who qualify after taking a means test. A Chapter 7 lawyer at the Law Offices of Paul McElrath in Pennsylvania can talk with you about your financial situation.
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Helping You Achieve Debt Relief

Debt relief is what Chapter 7 provides. Those without assets to turn over to creditors generally have no way to pay outstanding obligations. A Chapter 7 lawyer can help you ask the court to dissolve your credit card debt, any tax debt that is over three years old as well as any other unsecured obligation. In addition, if a creditor has begun foreclosure proceedings on your home or is attempting to garnish your wages or bank accounts, the court may put a stop to that as well. This will help you resume your payments on your secured debt. You will also be able to start rebuilding your credit and your financial life.

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